Studio Los Dos | About
Studio Los Dos, LLC

What do we do?
We do digital craftery including helping your business or cause create and maintain a unique presence on the web. We offer web design, digital photography and social media wizardry.

What does the name mean?
Studio Los Dos translates literally to "Studio the Two" in honor of the two who got it started.

Who are we?
Three creative, geeky people in ONE family! Hold on, did you say three? I thought there were two of you? Yeah well...apparently one of us ("She who must be obeyed) is chopped liver. But not bitter.

James ("Uno") - After specializing in 18th Century Literature in college, James turned his talents to data mastery, customer support, and web design.

Jasper ("Dos") - Highly interested and skilled in computing languages, math, physics, drums, guitars, clarinet, history and all things Apple.

Jackie ("Y Que?") - Data stylist, presentation master, photography obsessed, gadget geek.

What is DigiTeeze?
An awesome gift idea for someone with too many T-shirts from sports, clubs, and other associations. We photograph T-shirts, trophies, medals, race bibs, and even scan photos to create a collage of your memorabilia to print on a poster or canvas. Check it out!